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The future of pump shaft sealing - KlickFix® - our sequentially deployable sealing system
What is it?

An alternative to mechanical seals and compression packings. A simple, highly cost-effective solution that is easy to fit, KlickFix® can be refurbished on-site in a matter of minutes.

How does it work?

Low friction PTFE lips are stored within the cartridge body until required and then can be activated in a matter of seconds without any need for strip-down or equipment adjustment.

Where is it used?

KlickFix® sequentially deployable sealing cartridges are available for standard centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, handling liquids and solutions of virtually any type and viscosity.

The benefits

Removing the need for large volumes of flush water that can be required by mechanical seals and replacing the risk of failure with controlled, predictable performance.

Introducing KlickFix®

An innovative alternative to compression packing or mechanical seals for pump shaft sealing

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